One of the things I really wanted to come back from Italy with was some art. Lucky for me, I found a couple pieces by two local artists. For my birthday, I had them framed (thanks to all who contributed) and they arrived this weekend! I just love them. This one hangs on the wall… Read More artsy


say adios to cancer

did someone say chugging contest…sprite and summy worms…yuck! cactus limbo – 2nd place this is what happens when it is after midnight and you get cold and tired of misquitoes biting your legs! Jim and Phyllis Watts I was one of the survivor testimonies…it was really cool For the lumniary walk, they lit these in… Read More say adios to cancer



My appointment yesterday went fine. It was just a 3 month check up and he said everything looked fine. My blood counts were perfect and he didnt see anything else. So, we truck along for 3 more months. Next I have PET scan in July to check staging and see that everything is moving forward.… Read More apt

Cancer, Encouragement


Time is short these days. I have so wanted to share with you what it all feels like a year later and had great intentions on March 25 and 26 to bring you those thoughts. It just takes time and my mind has been elsewhere lately. For some reason, I feel like I need to… Read More time


Italia Pics

Here is a link to my picture site. All the pics are not labeled yet, but they are all loaded. I hope you enjoy! http://bigpittstop.shutterfly.com/