so, when I was home last weekend, I decided I have a guilty pleasure…I’m addicted to the Gaithers Homecoming shows. I know I’ve talked about them before, but they had a Gaither Band Homecoming reunion (hello!)…least to say, when they started singing “I bowed on my knees and cried Holy”…I got up from the lunch… Read More ramblings


20 to Watch

I recently received a huge honor. I was listed this past weekend in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Tri Lakes Edition, 20 to Watch in 09. You are probably thinking the same thing I was the day I received the call. What is that? And, what does that mean? (I almost didnt even answer the phone… Read More 20 to Watch

Cancer, Encouragement


I forgot to include this in the last post. A woman in the waiting room today looked over at me on her way back and said… “You’re hair is so pretty”. Now, you can understand why I was so thankful for that complement, but let me just tell you that it hit me deep. What… Read More complement


scan again

well, today was another journey to LR. I had scheduled scans today. I think when I set them up, it never hit me that Jan 20 would be what it was, so I was in a crazy mode today. I wanted to just plop in front of the TV, thank goodness for DVR! That;s what… Read More scan again


Hickory House

So, I have promised pics of the new house..and since I had to clean it for bunko this week, you finally get the grand tour: The entry way. I’m trying to not let these shelves become junk collectors. So far so good. You cant see it, but my dad got me a sweet painting for… Read More Hickory House


gettin it done

ok, so this blog really is mean to brag…so bare with me. My staff is amazing. We had a goal of 220 applications from Jan 1 to Jan 15 (that was Thursday). Well, like I expected they would, they blew that out of the water. Actually, they got 347…yes, that’s amazing. But, they also did… Read More gettin it done


After reading that last post, I decided that I think too much and obviously have too much time on my hands on breaks to actually be able to put something like that together. this has been a long week. We hit three cities in 4 days to do regional receptions for our prospective students and… Read More