radiation is over

ok, today was several things…relieving, emotional, a celebration, and a burden being lifted. Radiation is over. While there are so many things, I don’t have time and I wanted to get these pics up. So, let me promise to get back to you and leave you with these shots of some ladies that I have… Read More radiation is over


sing song

On a totally different note, a friend of mine…better a mentor from my church back home has started a blog of her journey through breast cancer. On June 24, just three weeks after her only daughter’s wedding (amazing how God has a plan of timing), she was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer in her right… Read More sing song


two days

Well, I have two days left of radiation. That is amazing. I just wont know what to do with myself…it will feel like I got back a few hours of my life everyday. I’m sure I’ll find a way to spend it. The raspy smoker voice is back. I shouldn’t have sung yesterday in Praise… Read More two days


restful weekend

Oh man, yesterday was amazing. I laid on the couch all day long. And, no I never watched anything on Lifetime. You may not believe me, but it is true. I cracked open a watermelon and ate half of it for dinner last night. Along with some chocolate pudding. I know you think this is… Read More restful weekend


slush and mush

Those are the two words that describe my diet. Last night I thought my mouth was on fire. Not the kind of hot like I ate a bite of hot soup and now my taste buds are scorched. Or, the type of hot that comes from getting a bite of the wrong jalapeno, but the… Read More slush and mush


weekend and NABEP

Well, the weekend went great. Lauren got first runner up in the pageant. We were so proud of her. While we were being selfish in wanting her to win with our title…we were so excited about her final place. She also won a couple other awards and that was huge. We definitely got some huge… Read More weekend and NABEP



I just wanted to update you on things. Nothing much has changed. I do get a little more tired at the end of the day and my throat is starting to get a little different. By that I mean, it kinda feels like the day before you know you have strep throat. So, kinda rawish… Read More update


radiation week one

So, week one is over. Only 15 more radiation sessions (I hope). Everything went well. I can say right now the only real thing I’m feeling is tired. It has been hard to give into that. I’ve not had any of the normal symptoms through this whole things, so I wasn’t sure if I would… Read More radiation week one


rad 1

Well, today was radiation day 1. I must say, I am relieved. It was not as involved or as big a deal as I thought it might be. I went in and got suited up in my gown. While that story and all the awkward weirdness is not the most appropriate story for the www,… Read More rad 1


pic update

Wonder what’s been going on? Well, here’s the long and short of it. Ashlee who works in my office is about to have a baby!!! Here’s a couple pics from her shower at the end of June… (The girls in the office) We went back to Southhaven to see Ashley in another play…we can’t wait… Read More pic update