OK, so everyone is curious about my hair. And, since the lady sitting next to me in chemo today complemented be first by saying I was too young to be going through this and then she said…”and, it’s no fair that you still have your hair”, I have decided to write a post just updating you on my hair.

My hair has not “fallen out”. However, every time I wash it and when I fix it in the mornings, some comes out between combing through it and using the straightener. Of course the more adriamycin I get, the more I am likely to loose it, but now it is a game for me. I should have already lost it, so it is a challenge now to not loose it and break the rules!!! Leave it to me.

Here is a pic I took on Sunday morning before church after I had finished fixing my hair. This is about how much comes out when I wash my hair and fix it:I still have a head full! I even offered some to my doctor, who is balding, last time I saw him and dad asked me to save what I do loose for him!!!
So, you could say that it is “thinning”. But, I have TONS of hair…just ask the girls at the Gossip Shop. So, I would suspect that my hair may just thin and not all fall out. But, it is always still a possibility. So, while I’m excited that it hasn’t and I continue to hope that it won’t, I know that it is always a possibility. So, I will just wait, and be glad for days that it is still here and hope that if it does, I look as good as the ladies that surround me at chemo.

BTW, the lady I talked about earlier is going through treatment for Breast Cancer. She has already had her serious surgeries and 6 hard treatments (hence the hair loss), but she has to do chemo into September or October and then she will be done. Her hair is starting to grow back in and she is so pretty. That is actually what I thought when I saw her walk in. She has beautiful skin and these pretty high cheek bones. And, her hair is in this cute cut that is all trim and set. I thought that about her before we started talking and the more she spoke, the more I realized that she has a beautiful heart. So, as she promised she would pray for me as I left, I told her I would do the same and promised in my heart to let you know about her and add her to your prayer list. Her name is Teresa (I think…that was at 1…I may have mixed it up in my head).