I know so many of you have wondered, so I wanted to let you know. I have had an AWESOME week. Mainly, in reference to my health and energy. I have felt so good. On Friday, I woke up in the best mood and really a silly mood. I feel like I got so much accomplished this week, but more than that, I am so glad that I felt well.

My counts were kinda low on Thursday (3.1), but we expected that since I did not get the Neulasta shot.

I really cannot tell you how excited I am/was that I really did feel good. I will also admit that it is hard on weeks like this to not overdo it. It is hard to remember that I do not have the same energy level that I always do, when my body tells me something different. Those are the moments of mental struggle. Even though I feel good, I have to tell myself to sit down, rest, watch TV and quit running around.

So, today has been a fun day. I went to Hot Springs this morning with Justin and Kirt to meet Lauren English, Miss OBU for the Miss AR contestant meeting. It was super fun.

After lunch at Cafe 1217 (which if you are in Hot Springs and need an amazing place to eat lunch..consider your decision made!!!) we did some shopping and then came on back. And, I went to a graduation party before retiring to my bed. Again, one of those mental struggles. Even after a day like that, I still feel good, but I know the most responsible thing to do was come home and get in my jammies and sit in the bed.

So, now I’m watching Hitch on TV, watching/ listening to the OBU vs. ACU baseball game (we are in the second round of the Regional Tournament in Cleveland, MS), and typing this blog…yeah, I’m that good! You have to keep your mind young!!! That’s what they say anyway.

I’ve included a couple pictures from work yesterday…the new headsets arrived…
(Kody opened the box…he was surprised and really excited)