Lisa, Ashton and Shay took me today.

It went well. You would be glad to know that the lab process was so easy and I stayed awake the whole time! It is kinda fun because by now, people recognize you and the staff know you by name. It’s like being at Cheers!!!

I feel like it goes quicker each time. Maybe, I just know what to expect now. We did have a little different something this time. My counts were lower than they have ever been when I went in for chemo. They were 2.48 today. Actually, with them being that low, they had to call the doctor’s office and get permission to go ahead with the chemo. Since I will have my Neulasta shot tomorrow, he said to go ahead, but I suspect that we will talk about this “every other” thing next time when I meet with him.

I cannot believe that I am already through the first set of treatment. I remember when this first started that “eight weeks” seemed so far away and now they have quickly passed. So, we will see if this brings anything different.

My dad is in the middle of Seminary Summer School, so they did not come up. No, they are not bad parents, he called and asked me if it was ok before he even signed up for this class. I assured him it was. After next week, he will have 12 hours behind him. Each week (this and next) are 3 hours courses that are required and he can do them in one week…for anyone who has tried to go back to school as an adult (and I am speak for myself and my future), it is not easy to “fit” school into your schedule. I admire him, my sister and my mom. It is not uncommon for you to find a cyber cafe in our living room. Resa working on her Master’s homework for her degree at DBU, Dad working on his Seminary homework, either a quiz or reading really “smart” books, and mom sleeping and Teddi, that’s the dog, trying to figure out which one she wants to sit next too. They are amazing and while I’m grateful that I do not have to be there with them through this, I try to support from a distance, but I do admire them in so many ways and they have been great to call me all day long and check on me through every step of the day. My dad said the sweetest thing abou tmy mom today..”I’m going to take mom out for dinner tonight, because she has been amazing this week through all this”. Dad stayed up until 4 last night reading, but at one point, mom got up to get a drink of water last night, she was trying to stay awake and be “supportive”. But, my sister was asleep on one couch and dad was aslee on another. Who’s in charge here?

I’m off to make Sloppy Joe’s for dinner (an excuse to eat pickles) and then watch my Thursday night shows.