Its official, I should join a group for clean freaks anonymous.

When I cook, because of the size of my kitchen, I get everything dirty. I just finished cleaning up my kitchen and honestly, I did not want to unload and reload the dishwasher, but I cannot tell you how good I feel right now. I think I went through half a tube of Lysol wipes (I don’t believe in kitchen rags…they gross me out). I just cleaned stuff off the walls, behind the sink all over the top of the stove and my counter top appliances.

Now, I will admit some of the things I cleaned up were from the mouse that comes to visit every other week, but I would rather eat the stuff that she makes a mess fixing than complain that there is stuff every where….you get my drift. But, really, I may have a problem.

My dad is convinced that I am going to make a perfect nagging wife and that I will have to get over some of this stuff when I find, “the father of his grand children”. But, really…I just don’t know. I’m the kid who in junior high could tell you where everything was in my purse and typically cleaned it out weekly just to make sure things were in the right spot. Again…who does that?

So, yeah I’m particular…it’s a personality flaw…but hey it works…so there!