white envelope

I’m not typically one to forward email messages, but I received this one, this morning and it captured so much how I feel about the holiday this year. SIMPLE WHITE ENVELOPE It’s just a small white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through… Read More white envelope


So, something that I’ve learned over the last few months. Life is too short to skip ice cream. So, I’ve had it the last two days!



I mentioned in an earlier post that my sister is preparing and running in a marathon in the Spring for Team in Training for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In the coming weeks, they will launch a program with their kids at school to do a coin drive to raise money. She is amazing at… Read More video


the next day

Have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate the day after a day of vacation (or a week of regional work and then a day of vacation, more specifically). Yeah, it is so hard to stay caught up. Anyway, yesterday went good. We had a little issue in the lab and I have… Read More the next day


uh oh

ok, this should have been a post dated October 24….so, just pretend for me. October 24-I had a scare today. I thought everything was back. Seriously. On Monday I was in Memphis at a college fair and spent the night at a new hotel. The beds weren’t overly comfortable and my neck was totally sore… Read More uh oh


mickey d

Greetings from McDonald’s on some random road in TX that I was on an hour ago before I decided to pull over and do a little work. I love that you can find the golden arches not just for Happy Meals any more, but Wi-Fi. As I sit here, I hear and smell sounds so… Read More mickey d



So, we might have played a joke on our freshmen student workers. We told them we have a Halloween party every year and dress up. We told them what we were going to be. They showed up at lunch for our party…and were the only ones dressed up. This one came as one of the… Read More halloween